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Demolition is complete at Dixmont State Hospital.

Reed Hall, the Kirkbride building, along with the entire rest of the facility, are now a memory.

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Huge thanks to Mark Berton, of IN Community Magazines

Mark literally wrote the book on Dixmont State Hospital which can be purchased 




Any photographs, documents, stories or personal accounts of Dixmont State Hospital prior to 1996, ESPECIALLY HISTORIC AND PRIOR TO THE CLOSING OF THE FACILITY.

If you have any thing you would like to contribute for use please contact the webmaster by e-mail through the link at the bottom of this page. Anyone contributing any of the above will of course be given full credit for their contribution.


This site will include hundreds of photos of Dixmont, both historic and just prior to demolition, along with video of the facility and other interesting content concerning the hospital. Also available is a bulletin board, or forum, for any former staff/patients/employees etc. to meet, reunite, talk or get together. During demolition of the facility, the rest of this website will be made public, and updates will continue to be made as more video is edited and more pictures are obtained.



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